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This is a recent photo of the bridge progress in Louisville. Thanks Terry! Our dear city is getting not one, but two new bridges over the Ohio.

It is an insane project…pretty much a marvel to drive through it each day.

Things are happening. Lots of brainstorming and thinking about future plans around these parts…especially in regards to the studio and its future. I look forward to sharing on this blog once we are more solid on details.

In the meantime, I’m busy with thinking about it all. New ideas for everything…new websites, new places and spaces, maybe a new location of this here blog!?!? Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

It was a great weekend full of reading, yoga, and book buying. I went a little nuts at Carmichael’s new kids store on Bardstown Rd


The kids at school will be thrilled with these I’m sure.

As January comes to a close, I’m thrilled to report that resolutions are going strong. Little Free Library is up and I’m on my fifth book of the year. We’ve also got a definite plan on painting the upstairs. More on that later.

We also have had no snow days yet at school…hoping for just a few here in there in February. Ha…



love for louisville yoginis

10872871_853848854635215_7788253830373776530_oIt’s Friday? Ok.

Let’s be real…I’m not getting down to business until Monday when I go back to work.

Sipping coffee this morning and catching up on blogs, resting some sore shoulders. After 108 Sun Salutations yesterday, they are feeling it a bit!

I just have to write this post to honor and thank the team at 502 Power Yoga for putting on such a fantastic event yesterday. It was a real blast.

I want to recognize the team of instructors I was lucky enough to teach with yesterday…so amazing. If you’re local…check these gals out!

Christine Saladino @yogatwistonlife
Cat Larimore @gato108
Jamie Calzi @jlcalzz
Laurie LeCompte @LaurieKeet
Jessica Santos @yogaslush
Dana Pelc Skrodzki
Sarah Kellinger Smith @502poweryoga
Beth Harris Phelps
Taylor Mcfarlane Owen @taylormarie2219
Karen Alladin @binkosaurus
Heidi Bartholomew
Mimi Hahn @mimihahn


And there you have it. Big thank you to the gang at lululemon oxmoor for this amazing photo! Again, I slacked and only got a few with my phone.

Poses we’ve got 7 left…


Ok. I’m going to be honest. I have really dislike this yearly, “pose of the week” challenge I gave myself. Why did I keep it up then? Because I’m super stubborn when it comes to goals that I give myself.

I just haven’t enjoyed writing them at all. In fact, I’m not sure I like writing about yoga. For me, teaching and doing yoga is not something that is easily translated into words…especially ones you have to type out and properly punctuate.

So, we’ve got seven left. Do I follow through? Kind of. This is my last pose post of the year, we’re getting all seven done today!

Wow. Maria Villella makes it looks effortless yeah?! I really love this YouTube channel– 1 Percent Theory. Great high quality video.

While I did post about Surya Namaskara in general, I realize that I have yet to touch on the basic postures individually that make up Surya Namaskara A + B: UtkatasanaUrdhva Hastasana, Ardha UttanasanaUttanasana, High Plank, Urdhva Mukha SvanasanaVirabhadrasana I

Click each pose name for a detailed description.


Don’t worry, there’s a method to my madness as well. I’ll be posting on it again, but on January 1st, I’ll be teaching at a fun event hosted by 502 Power Yoga at the Kentucky Science Center. Various instructors from around the area will be leading the community in 108 Sun Salutations to kick off 2015, proceeds benefiting the Africa Yoga Project. 

So, we better know our Surya Namaskara right!?



how is it Thursday already?

How is it already Thursday!?! HOW!?

It’s been a coffee filled week. Work at school has been rough…the kids are bonkers because we haven’t been in school full days for a full week since before Christmas break! Eek! Have been bopping around doing lots of yoga, taking in two classes at 502 Power Yoga. If you missed my write up on this new studio in Louisville, check it out right here. 

Don’t have much else to share today, just thought I’d check in…isn’t this cinemagraph great? I found it in a list of 60 different ones on Buzzfeed…having trouble locating its creator other than his deviantArt site, which can be found here. 

a new studio in town: 502 Power Yoga

I am so excited about this.

About eight years ago, as a college student in Asheville, North Carolina, I didn’t have much money at all, but also was getting really interested in yoga. Enter the Dave Farmar Power yoga podcast. In addition to a couple studio classes and the YMCA (where I worked the front desk for years), this was how I became addicted to yoga. Dave Farmar taught in the power yoga style founded by Baron Baptiste.

Fast forward a few years to Stavanger, Norway…I was still sweating my butt off (in a 250 sq. ft. studio apartment) to Dave Farmar. I love this very active style of vinyasa yoga, but it took a backseat to Ashtanga once I found Bristo Yoga School in Edinburgh, UK.

Fast forward again to now, 2014 where local yoginis Sarah K. Smith and Cat Larimore are opening the first Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga studio in Louisville: 502 Power Yoga.

I’ve been twitter + yoga pals with Cat for a few years (still cannot believe we haven’t met IRL…we will soon definitely!) and when I found out she was opening a studio, I was beyond thrilled.

“Louisville needs this and it will be fabulous.”

They are offering a pre-opening special: $25 for 40 days of unlimited classes. Amazing!

Located at 2210 Dundee Rd, right in the Historic Douglass Loop. Perfect.

Their website is already flawless with info on teacher training, an energy exchange program, and a great schedule. Of course most classes are while I’m teaching my own, but I am going to really try and make an effort to get to classes…I need human interaction when I practice for a change!

Find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Local yogis: use the hashtag #502py and you’ll be featured on their community page!

If you want to get a sneak peek, head over to the Louisville lululemon showroom  Saturday morning January 25th + February 1st at 8:45am for free (yes, as in complimentary!) classes from the 502 Power gals. I wish I could go, but alas, I’ll be teaching my own classes. 

I can’t wait to get out there and power vinyasa again!

a good feeling

Yesterday, we made the final payment on our graduate school loans. Ahhhhhhhhh….that’s me breathing a sigh of relief. We didn’t have an insurmountable amount, but it was something for sure. Both Andrew and I absolutely hate having any debt, so it was tough to borrow the money in the first place. While it has been a great thing professionally for Andrew, I have yet to reap any financial benefits from my master’s in modern & contemporary literature…who knew?!?! Haha, just kidding.

However, when we initially took out out loans, I knew it was just as much for the experience of living in Edinburgh, Scotland than for the education. It was a wonderful year for us. I value my education very much, but if we hadn’t lived there, who knows if I would have found yoga. It was in Edinburgh that I started practicing seriously and discovered ashtanga. Big, big thank you to Bristo Yoga Studio, now Meadowlark Yoga for giving me a fantastic start in the practice.

Andrew and I made a promise to one another…that we would do everything in our power to have it paid off before we turned thirty. Well, I turn 29 next month–finished a whole year early! Woohoo! We’ve made many conscious decisions, big and small, that made it possible: no car payments, no cell phone contracts (plug for Virgin Mobile…prepaid smartphones rock my world), renting a small house instead of buying, shopping consignment and IKEA for clothes, furniture, etc, and going vegetarian at home has made a bit of a difference too. Things are good and I’m proud of us.

Also, I want to share this wonderful time-lapse tour of Louisville from Eric Stemen of videobred. 

This video makes me so glad to live back in Kentuckiana during this exciting time for Louisville. Each year we’ve been back, it gets more and more vibrant.



Camera Workout: Week 30

20130726_080443_1The weather has been absolutely ridiculous around here. So beautiful.

The corn is everywhere around here.

Kitty snuck into the studio…

Running around out in the country.

This weather was made for walking on the Big Four
2013-07-28 10.43.03We spotted some swimmers while walking up there…can only mean one thing: the IRONMAN in Louisville is only a few weeks away


After walking the bridge we drove down to Versailles to visit Woodford Reserve
2013-07-28 13.44.57


2013-07-28 13.12.59

Lots of fermentation happening
2013-07-28 13.54.17
My main thought: what if this place caught on fire?
2013-07-28 14.26.10

I found Thunderbird Energetica in Rainbow Blossom! Go Texan. 
Back tomorrow with even more photos…July wrap-up and such!