life is better with…laura mvula

Discovered Laura Mvula after hearing a review of her album on All Things Considered yesterday afternoon while driving home from…MY JEOPARDY AUDITION! Immediately loved everything I heard from it, so added to my Spring 2013 playlist, which is getting pretty long by now:

We had a great time in Nashville. Such a great time that I didn’t even bother to grab my camera out of the trunk! So, no photos come next Tueday…wahhhh. We had a fabulous night out with stops at The Silly Goose, Jeni’s Splendid ice cream, and this bar.

I had a blast at the audition. They try to make it tons of fun and there were lots of very nice people to laugh and chat with. Getting to use a real Jeopardy buzzer? Definitely a dream come true….hahaha. Overall I feel pretty confident about my performance on the test, but you never know. Now it’s waiting game…I could be called to play any time within the next 18 months!