best of 2014: music for yoga

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Instead of just posting about my favorite music of the year, I thought I’d go more specific: music for yoga practice.

I’m very picky about my yoga music. While it’s fine when I’m taking class at various studios, I’m not a huge fan of traditional yoga music when practicing by myself. I’ll admit it, I blast some pretty unconventional stuff. This was a a great year for yoga music. Here are some songs that I cannot stop blasting.

Below is a full playlist via Spotify that I will continue to update.

Sylvan Esso // Coffee

Broods // Four Walls

Coldplay // Magic

Mimicking Birds // Bloodlines

Alt-J // Hunger of the Pine

FKA Twigs // Two Weeks

Full playlist on Spotify

what’s on my playlist


As I’ve shared before, each season I keep a playlist on Spotify full of what I’m listening to at the moment. Everything I remotely like even just a little bit gets added to this list. It’s big and all over the place. Here’s Fall 2014:

Within that playlist, there is always a five or six song rotation that changes every three to five days. Here’s what’s on that list now:

Hozier // Sedated

Nothing but Thieves // Graveyard Whistling

Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen // When You Open Your Eyes

Walk the Moon // Shut Up and Dance 

Trevor Hall // Green Mountain State

And unfortunately I’m really digging the new Taylor Swift song that was released today. Dang…

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My 10 Songs of 2013

2013 was another great year for music. There is so much I loved this year. I’ve narrowed it down to ten songs that I couldn’t get enough of in 2013. I have played these over and over and over and still want to hear them again.

1. “Go Slow” Haim

2. “Follow Your Arrow” Kacey Musgraves

3. “Doin’ It Right” Daft Punk

4. “The Highway” Holly Williams

5. “Open” Rhye

6. “Royals” Lorde

7. “When You Get to Asheville” Steve Martin & Edie Brickell

8. “I Wanna Go” Yuna

9. “Retrograde” James Blake

I’ve put all these into a spotify playlist…click here and enjoy.

Illustration at the top: Alessandro Gottardo

life is better with…the Summer Strut Playlist

For three summers now, I’ve looked forward to the Slate Culture Gabfest’s Summer Strut playlist. This year is no exception, it’s fantastic! I love it especially because the songs submitted do not have to be current…I’m able to discover so many great songs I’ve missed!

Right now I’m currently obsessed with these songs:

life is better with…a warm and fuzzy playlist

These are songs that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Some of from when I was a kid, some from high school, some from college, some from after, and some from now. These songs = love (to me). I’m sure I’m forgetting about a thousand.

*This list is ultimately incomplete without “These Are the Days” by Van Morrison, but it is not on Spotify…terrible.

my life (lately) in a little nostalgia inducing playlist

lately, I have been obsessed with the following songs. Dancing around my kitchen, yoga-ing to them, singing in the car kind of obsessed.

I apologize ahead of time for the inclusion of not one, but TWO Taylor Swift songs. This song “22” really has a hold of me nostalgia-wise lately…probably because at 22 I spent the entire year goofing off and having dance parties with roommates (as pictured above) …miss y’all!

Ellie Goulding “Figure 8”

Trevor Hall “Om Shakti Om”

Willy Moon “Yeah Yeah”

Taylor Swift “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Taylor Swift “22”

Ben Harper “Forever”

Eclectic I know…not sure I know anyone else who is listening to yoga music in heavy rotation with Taylor Swift & Skrillex’s main squeeze…ahhh, whatevs, I love it!

a shower dancing playlist

yep, that’s right. this is my shower dancing playlist.

dancing in the shower (preferably with a beverage) is essential and having an iPad has made it so much more fun — put on early 90s pop or Jackie Wilson radio on Pandora and you’re all set! Or you can queue up this playlist…hopefully your shower doesn’t last longer than 9 minutes…haha

“Call Me Maybe” — Carly Rae Jepsen

“Settle Down” — Kimbra

 “Take It Out On Me” — Chairlift

on Spotify