content overload



Way too much to read, listen, see, do, eat, drink, watch, write, and make. I want to do it all and every day I just find out about more stuff!

I will be honest that TV has taken a bit of a backseat lately. We don’t have any shows going right now. Although we did start Boardwalk Empire. Egads, that thing is about MEN being MEN and being POWERFUL. Which I’m not so sure I need to see another show like that, but it’s very well done so….

I’ve been reading at night instead of watching stuff and am trying to read during my lunch at work as well. It’s going okay! Here’s a master list of the things I’m trying to consume this week…maybe just this afternoon!?

An hour long video interview with Ashtangi Laruga Glaser. She is amazing. I can’t wait to watch this.

I’m currently reading two incredible page turners.  I was making fabulous prgress on the second book in the Elena Ferrante trilogy when I listened to this episode of Books on the Nightstand. I am now obsessively reading The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. I’m not sure how great a book it is (quality wise), but it’s definitely entertaining…the Gone Girl of 2015 for sure.

My podcast feed is out of control. Trying to listen through it all, but getting bogged down. Especially with the slew of new albums being released right now too!

Oh, and let us not forget, the internet. There is my Feedly list of blogs, which is downright gigantic. The flood of daily news (thank god for NYT Now), op-eds, long reads, twitterings, and vlogs. Yep, I said vlogs. Perhaps my secret obsession with YouTube channels should be saved for another post entirely…

And on top of it all, today is Thursday and Thursday is when the GOOP newsletter arrives in my inbox, ready and waiting for ridicule!

It’s all too much…but in a good way I’m pretty sure.

painting above from Dorothy Goode




excuse me while I love this blog


So, I found Sara Cornelius’ illustrated food blog awhile ago. Then completely forgot about it. Not her though, I’ve keep tabs on instagram, but somehow missed most of her feed?!

Whatever, we all know I’m a mess when it comes to organizing social media. Anywho, when she posted a beautiful illustration yesterday, I was reminded of her great blog. After reading an fantastic post of podcast recommendations, right when I’m needing new podcasts, I knew I had to do a post on her blog, Cake over Steak. 


It’s unique, beautiful, and aligned directly with my tastes. I feel like a total goober for forgetting about it!

Please forgive me Sara, you are awesome and I’ve added you to my Feedly. I await more posts…eagerly.


favorite pinterest accounts



Oh Pinterest…I kind of have a love/hate relationship with you. Do I think you’re a wonderful source of inspiration and an easy way to share content?


Do I think you’ve replaced magazines so that women (mostly) now have an instant, free way to feel incredibly inadequate on a daily basis?


Yep, Pinterest must be approached with a healthy dose of “I’m fine!” Here are my favorite accounts, mostly because they just post such beautiful photos of all kinds.






There are many more, but like many other posts this month, this is a day late! I need to get it together on my own challenge!

Synchronicity in my daily life? There’s a lot and I love it. Not a lot more I have to say about that at the moment…

It seemed like a good post idea at the time…

More later…

Just being honest…

Have a good weekend!




August 2014



Whoa. This month really took it out of me. It was crazy!

I apologize ahead of time…my instagram photos this month are basically all house pictures. It still doesn’t feel real. Andrew and I were saying to each other last night that it feels like we’re house sitting or staying in a hotel. It just hasn’t sunk in that this is our house.

1. I don’t recommend moving during the first week back of work at a school, while your yoga studio is seeing a major boom in attendance. It brings about insane behavior.

2. If you do have to do this, it does help to blast this power anthem on the way to work.

3. We’re all loving our official studio shirts. So fun! SO SOFT.

4. I ate a lot of chocolate chip cookies, mini drumsticks, and coconut chips this month. It was needed.

5. It seems that things are kind of falling apart around the world. If I’m being truly honest, August is always terrible. While tons of great things happened this month, every year it makes me lose it at some point. Not sure if it’s the heat or the anticipation of fall or what, but every year I have a meltdown.

Well, I can only come up with five this month because I’m ready to MOVE ON. The first week of September brings this three day weekend and then next weekend we’re headed to the beach for a few days. Much needed, can’t wait.

2014-08-01_1406921622 2014-08-02_1406989347 2014-08-03_1407091852 2014-08-03_1407093402 2014-08-04_1407180752 2014-08-05_1407199413 2014-08-05_1407266610 2014-08-05_1407281506 2014-08-06_1407336244 2014-08-08_1407516071 2014-08-09_1407607911 2014-08-09_1407621710 2014-08-09_1407621922 2014-08-10_1407684160 2014-08-10_1407706611 2014-08-11_1407789378 2014-08-12_1407878480 2014-08-14_1407977151 2014-08-15_1408061261 2014-08-16_1408212880 2014-08-16_1408216942 2014-08-17_1408299304 2014-08-17_1408312230 2014-08-17_1408318783 2014-08-18_1408396976 2014-08-19_1408475288 2014-08-20_1408575462 2014-08-19_14084761362014-08-20_14085754622014-08-22_14087516382014-08-23_14088263272014-08-24_14089076722014-08-26_14090823782014-08-26_14090860992014-08-27_14091424982014-08-28_14091889232014-08-28_1409259861asgg

life is better with…kmsalvagedesign’s on instagram


I love this Instagram account. Not sure how I found it, but I’m so glad I did. Kristen Meyer, instagram: @kmsalvagedesigns 

She brightens up my feed like no other! Follow, it’s fun.

Sorry for absence on here… Got back from Asheville late last night, headed back for my first teacher day today. I’m ready to get back–I like the structure. I did skip my 5:30am yoga practice this morning…will get back on that wagon tomorrow.

Have a great week!
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Things I learned in December:

1. Even Carrie Underwood gets breathless singing Do-Re-Mi while trudging up and down unnecessary stairs

2. George Saunders has a twisted imagination…in the best way.

3. I still hate snow

4. It’s not the best idea to read two 800+ page books at the same time

5. I became completely overwhelmed by the insane thoughtfulness from Andrew’s parents and my parents at Christmas time this year. Their gifts were beyond my wildest. So good.

6. I really and truly love this time of year.

7. I might actually be making progress in backbends

8. I can still go to the movies and love something

9. Nothing makes me feel cozier than the Little Women score by Thomas Newman

10. Smiley babies make the best cuddle buddies…except for Bagel dogs of course
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