january 2015


January…you were fast and furious!

Lots going on, kind of feels like it lasted forever actually when I think back on it…It feels like forever since I’ve done a bullet point, monthly wrap up so let’s get going!

1. It has already been so great to Kaylex and Baby Graham back in Corydon and down the street at that!

2. We had a ton of new students at the studio and am excited about some future plans in that department.

3. Successfully participated in National Readathon Day.

4. Feeling a little overwhelmed with inspiration in regards to podcasts and blogs. So many things to listen to and read!

5. Did not have a single snow day. Boo.

6. Started the year off right with 108 Sun Salutations with my fellow yogis and yoginis of Louisville. So good.

7. This book is OVERRATED.

8.And that’s all I’ve got for now. I’m a little distracted. I’ve been working hard on my new website. Yes, this blog will be moving locations very soon. Stay tuned!













































a norwegian tunnel video

2015-01-02 12.31.21

Insert right here: a super-happy-that-it’s-Friday line.

What a whirlwind of a week! I’m so thrilled we’ve seen so many new students at the studio, but it makes for busy days. I’ve been making peppermint towels around the clock and it is amazing. I’m still reading the second Elena Ferrante novel, The Story of a New Name. For those of you out there who’ve read it, DID YOU EVER FINISH!? I love it, but every single night this week I’ve sat in the tub reading away and I still have a over 100 pages left…

I also found a random video on the computer from a time we drove through a super long, super creepy tunnel in Norway and thought I would share…this video could be a lot longer…that tunnel was LONG. Not sure we’ll ever get over Paul Simon’s The Sound of Silence coming up on the iPod at that moment. Shuffle is psychic sometimes.






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This is a recent photo of the bridge progress in Louisville. Thanks Terry! Our dear city is getting not one, but two new bridges over the Ohio.

It is an insane project…pretty much a marvel to drive through it each day.

Things are happening. Lots of brainstorming and thinking about future plans around these parts…especially in regards to the studio and its future. I look forward to sharing on this blog once we are more solid on details.

In the meantime, I’m busy with thinking about it all. New ideas for everything…new websites, new places and spaces, maybe a new location of this here blog!?!? Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted.

It was a great weekend full of reading, yoga, and book buying. I went a little nuts at Carmichael’s new kids store on Bardstown Rd


The kids at school will be thrilled with these I’m sure.

As January comes to a close, I’m thrilled to report that resolutions are going strong. Little Free Library is up and I’m on my fifth book of the year. We’ve also got a definite plan on painting the upstairs. More on that later.

We also have had no snow days yet at school…hoping for just a few here in there in February. Ha…




A couple blogs I read do link round-ups on Friday. I love it!

I don’t plan to add more noise, but thought it would be nice to link up to their link ups!

Shutterbean’s I Love List Fridays

Friday Finds on I am a Food Blog


I am excited for National Readathon Day tomorrow! I’m headed to Lucky’s this afternoon to get treats to get us through…also having people for dinner tonight so have to get some wine. I’m still going strong with that secret resolution! It’s been fun picking out new things each weekend and actually drinking something halfway decent.

If you’re reading tomorrow, be in touch on twitter or instagram!


staying warm

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Wow, has it been cold.

Word on the street is that we’re in for some “wintry mix” tonight.

This week I’ve been keeping warm and ignoring the cold by wearing extra soft, extra long warm crazy socks.  

Like everyone else, continuously dancing to this song…maybe in the shower.

Margaritas at El Mundo. Last night Andrew ordered the prickly pear and it was so good!

Thinking about this hot chocolate from my name is yeh

Reading. I’m on a roll. Currently reading these two:

Screenshot 2015-01-11 07.30.29We watched the documentary, Art and Craft. I kind of cried through the second half.

Loving my new Sorel boots. I have been wanting Sorels for ages and my head about popped off when I found them discounted by 60% at Anthropologie…they had one pair left…which was my size. I had to.

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I really should end this post because I’m working on it instead of meal planning/grocery listing for the week. So far, so good on that one..we’ll see how week two goes.

Stay warm!

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we made it

2015-01-08 08.46.33


It was a sort of rough, kind of great first week of the year. It was super duper cold, I felt a little blech…getting up at 5:00am for yoga is hard when you’ve been off that routine for a couple weeks. But we now have Kaylex + Baby Graham just down the street, the studio was packed, and we accepted an offer to buy our land! If you don’t remember, way back when we bought 8 acres of woods in plans to build a house, but that all went out the window when brick central became available. It will be a big weight off to sell it. Paying for it and our house and the lot next door has been slightly unnerving.

Looking forward to a weekend of nothing. Hanging out with fam and friends, yoga-ing, etc,