a norwegian tunnel video

2015-01-02 12.31.21

Insert right here: a super-happy-that-it’s-Friday line.

What a whirlwind of a week! I’m so thrilled we’ve seen so many new students at the studio, but it makes for busy days. I’ve been making peppermint towels around the clock and it is amazing. I’m still reading the second Elena Ferrante novel, The Story of a New Name. For those of you out there who’ve read it, DID YOU EVER FINISH!? I love it, but every single night this week I’ve sat in the tub reading away and I still have a over 100 pages left…

I also found a random video on the computer from a time we drove through a super long, super creepy tunnel in Norway and thought I would share…this video could be a lot longer…that tunnel was LONG. Not sure we’ll ever get over Paul Simon’s The Sound of Silence coming up on the iPod at that moment. Shuffle is psychic sometimes.






life is better with…jason mraz

I know, duh right?

Jason Mraz. I didn’t use to care one way or the other, but with each new album he grows on me. I kind of love him I’ve decided. I mean, he’s a yogi and lives on an organic avocado farm. What’s not to love?

I can’t stop playing this song off his new album. It’s just so good. Yeah I know it might not be edgy, super cool music, but in my opinion, it’s just good. Period.

Happy Friday Y’all!

Happy Friday indeed!

Feeling great today. Things are a little less stressed around these parts–Andrew accepted a new job offer yesterday. He’s been without a job for almost four months now. Things can now go on. Aside from the lack of income & health insurance a job provides, I consider the limbo of job turmoil to be the worst thing about it. It’s almost as if life is on hold or something…Blah!

Another thing that makes this weekend great? The new Tegan and Sara album. Wowzers, I’m loving it!

Listen to it on Spotify right here.

life is better with Bobby McFerrin

So…basically after Andrew found these videos, I’ve decided that Bobby McFerrin most definitely makes life better.

See this one too:

After watching these and smiling for quite a bit, I decided to listen to only Bobby McFerrin in the shower last night (have I told you about my Spotify + shower + iPad addiction?!?!…ok, another time…)

His newer music is excellent as well! Check it out here. 

Bobby McFerrin….who knew!?!?!