thankful for gomukhasana…yeah right



As part of my October blogging challenge, I’m combining Day 2’s theme of “Thankful Thursday” with my weekly pose post. This blogging challenge is already pretty fun. I took this photo yesterday afternoon right before teaching class. I had an overwhelming wave of gratitude come over me about this space. I am so lucky.

Yoga Cow Pose Gomukhasana

As poses go, this is #39 of 52 and it’s all about flexibility. Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose. This pose is SO HARD FOR ME. SERIOUSLY. How amazing is this bronze statue?!? I found it via this pinterest board, which is pretty incredible.

This statue does not show the arms of this pose, which are no problem for me. It’s the legs that make me wish for any other pose on the planet. To say this is a hip opener isn’t being totally truthful….for me, it basically feels like my hips might break off my body at any point. So, I must use props…lots of them.

I strongly suggest checking out Yoga Journal’s detailed description of this pose. If done incorrectly, there is potential for strain in the knees.



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  1. Such a pretty space! I love bright, natural light in yoga studios.

    I don’t have any issues with cow face pose, but for years both crescent lunge and half moon pose were problematic for me. Still working on my half moon but it’s definitely improved. I absolutely despise any pose with eagle arms because I have a large bosom and short arms. Not abnormally short ones, but just uncomfortable for eagle arms.



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