my tips for a new blogger



I really don’t feel qualified to give any advice about blogging. I talked a bit about it in this post a few months ago, but I’m really not in this blog game full force. I don’t make any money from it and don’t feel any need to move in that direction. I still use rather than .org.

My advice if you want to start a blog? Make sure you like doing it. I’ve always told myself that I will continue writing this blog as long as I enjoy doing it. The minute it becomes a chore–I’m done. It’s that simple.

Also, fully understand why you want to start a blog. I started mine and am still blogging because I wanted an online scrapbook for myself of things that “make daily life better.” I try to work every post from that angle.

Please let me know if you start a blog. I’d love to subscribe and maybe work together! Stay tuned for details on the November 30 for 30 Blogging Challenge I have planned. It’s going to be fun!



my favorite things about the holidays


So this is not hard at all. I love the holidays and have some definite most favorite things about them. Let’s do this.



We had a version of this every year when I was a kid without the red wine that we called “hot punch.” When we lived in Norway and I discovered that people love it there too only they add copious amounts of red wine, I about had a heart attack. It’s heaven….like drinking potpourri. I don’t make mine like most of the online recipes, but this seems to be a good one. I plan to post my recipe in November.

Harry Belafonte // To Wish You A Merry Christmas


In my family, it is NOT Christmas without this album. Everyone got their copy upon turning 18. Like, an actual CD with a booklet. It’s that serious.

Caramel making…not that I actually make them…2013-12-10-10-36-41

My Mom’s side of the family have been making these homemade caramels for generations. They are much coveted around town. Mom has to make several batches each year and those who receive them squirrel them away. Various aunts and cousins all make them and a few years back, my brother started making them. Well, of course I’m supposed to make them. However, they take almost three hours…of CONSTANT STIRRING. It’s crazy. I will say since iPads and Netflix came along, things have been easier. Each person who makes caramels has their own Sandy Softball. The official family mascot of caramel making


It’s ridiculous and wonderful. When my grandmother died in 2005, there was an extra Sandy. Last year she was given to Andrew who has proudly taken up the torch of caramel making for me!

These. Boxes and boxes of them.


Barbra Streisand’s version of Jingle Bells. Two minutes of spastic goodness.

There is so much more. There are only a few things about the holidays that I dislike.

I can’t believe October is almost over. It flew by and this challenge has been so fun. I’m thinking about making my own for November. Thirty posts for thirty days in celebration of my thirtieth birthday on the 22nd. Who’s game!? Let’s do it!



favorite workout (yoga) songs


Where do I even start?

This is both the easiest and most difficult post of the month. I could go on for an entire month on just this topic alone. Because I no longer “work out,” this has to be a yoga music playlist showcase.

First, there a few songs that have held up over time as the best to yoga to ever, in my opinion.

The Lime Tree // Trevor Hall

Intro // The XX

Colors // Amos Lee

Making yoga playlists is fun, but tough. The possibilities are endless, yet you feel stumped at the same time.

In honor of this post, I’ve made most of my Spotify playlists public. You can find 36 and counting 60 minute class playlists here. 

top places I’d like to travel


This photo was taken my junior year of college a few months before leaving for my study abroad.

Picking places I’d like to travel is not at all hard. There are only a handful of places I would not like to go. While I loved loved loved it, Europe is pretty much taken care of at this point.

So here’s my top three as of right now:


I would love to go to the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore, India. Not sure it will ever happen, but I would jump at the chance. I love this map from UK based illustrator Holly Wales. She’s great!


Funnily enough, the next two destinations are right here in the US. I would love to see the many unbelievable national parks in Utah.



And like I said a few posts back, I would love to see California.


San Francisco, Big Sur, the Redwoods. All on my list.

source // source // source // source

thankful thursday: poses 41/52


I’m thankful for Tiffany Cruikshank + Yogaglo for getting me into this crazy pose. A variation of Grasshopper. There are many interpretations of this pose…baby Grasshopper, full Grasshopper, or the odd variation above.

This class on Yogaglo and this class will get you there. If you’re not on Yogaglo and you’d like to try this pose, I suggest the following articles and tutorials. It is a massive twist and insane hip opener, but also requires a decent amount of strength. That troubling and puzzling thing in yoga when a pose becomes doubly hard because it takes a ton of flexibility AND strength. Also, it’s one of those really rare poses that is actually much harder to get into than be in.

Full Grasshopper

Baby Grasshopper

I’m thankful for the internet and its resources! Without it, crazy poses like this would not be possible!

link love


 This GIF.…always and forever

I made a bunch of this soup to freeze yesterday. Pretty delicious. I cut back on the honey though…1/3 cup!? A little insane.

I love celebrities reading mean tweets. This one in particular because Bob Balaban. Just Bob Balaban.

I can’t wait to read this to kids at school….it’s going to get crazy!

 Because it never gets old.

Not that I’ll ever go to the trouble to make these and we’re already in fall weather, pumpkin baking, roasted vegetable mode, but dang these look good.

This Valentino Resort 2015 collection is crazy. Beautiful.

I’m in love with all the crazy wallpaper in our bathrooms and I can’t help but look at Kim + Scott’s guest room and think, “GIMME!”

Loving this cover, heard it at last weekend’s wedding.

Uhhhhhhh….is this supposed to be a big deal?

That’s all I have for today…I have to head out soon, I’m FINALLY getting my hair cut today!

**stay tuned for more about the painting featured above. It’s part of a big project I’ve been working on for too long.


what’s on my playlist


As I’ve shared before, each season I keep a playlist on Spotify full of what I’m listening to at the moment. Everything I remotely like even just a little bit gets added to this list. It’s big and all over the place. Here’s Fall 2014:

Within that playlist, there is always a five or six song rotation that changes every three to five days. Here’s what’s on that list now:

Hozier // Sedated

Nothing but Thieves // Graveyard Whistling

Sam Palladio, Clare Bowen // When You Open Your Eyes

Walk the Moon // Shut Up and Dance 

Trevor Hall // Green Mountain State

And unfortunately I’m really digging the new Taylor Swift song that was released today. Dang…

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